Best Convertible Car Seats

babytransitAs a mother, there are a lot to consider. What is best for your baby is number one in the list. When you become a mother, you will not settle for anything less than the best for your child. From the best education and food to the most basic things like the best stroller, best shoes, etc.; but in a growing, competitive markets of brands, makers and manufacturers today. You don’t know what is the best for your child. It comes to no surprise that choosing the best convertible car seats for your child can be difficult as well. Here are some recommendations based on what other mothers find great for their child.

Britax Marathon

This has been a longtime favorite among mothers; overall it’s appearance was rated the highest. But it also hit the important bits like quality and the ease of use of this product. This seat is rated for kids that weigh between 5 to 65 pounds, and with its top of the line safety features that includes a integrated steel bars and chest pads to make sure your baby is locked in tight and safe for any road surprises. It also provides resistance for sudden forward movement. The Marathon has a price tag of $215 to $290.

Safety 1st Complete Air 70

This a brand that has always been a trusted one by parents for its safety innovations, strong safety ratings and consistency in providing protection for your baby. Its design has always been thoughtful and has good features. That includes side-impact protection, quick fit harness and amazingly the headrest gives about five different positions to make your baby comfortable all the time. Complete Air’s quality is top notch so this seat can see you through until your second baby (if there would be one). Although it’s not cheap like other seats, the marks it received it’s still very high for its convenience of use and proving that you get what you pay for. This seat will set you back for about $135 to $175

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Britax Boulevard

And now we have another favorite from this maker, Britax, a brand that is constantly praised for its top-notch safety features of its seats and the hassle free nature of the installation. Don’t forget about the overall quality and the style of this seat because other moms are very satisfied with it. What makes it a cut above the rest is that it’s approved for airline travel with its design. When it’s rear-facing, this seat will carry a child between 5 to 40 pounds, and if forward facing, it will accommodate a baby that weighs 20 pounds to as much as 65 pounds.

Graco MyRide 70

It’s very easy to recognize why a lot of mothers like the MyRide 70. First, it is very easy to install and use and because of that it is on the top of the list for that category. It is not as bulky as other seats but still look good overall. It’s not the best-looking seat out there, but it doesn’t lag behind with safety features you should expect from the manufacturer, Graco. This seat will cost you $128 to $150

Why and How I Decided to Get Into Shape

homefitnessintelEveryone will come to a point that they want to have changes in their lives, either financially, emotionally, spiritually and in this case even physically. Health is a huge part of our lives, it can dictate how we function everyday while doing our tasks and how well we can do those tasks if you don’t live a healthy lifestyle it can degenerate your health in general and keeping up with other folks can get hard, and you can’t work to your full potential and that can’t do you really good at all. However, if you are healthy and living a healthy lifestyle, you will feel better, faster and stronger. You can do more in less time, and that will buy you more time for yourself to have fun or spend time with, friends, families, and loved ones. Meaning you will be more efficient and that can open more doors off opportunity in life and even with your career.

So what are your options in getting fit? Some of us don’t have the time to go a gym, and home exercise equipment is your only option. Well, Rowers and Elliptical Cross Trainers are a good choices to help you get that shape that you have always wanted. But what are the things you need to consider?

Let us start with the Rowing Machine

The pros of this machine are:

  • You have a small amount of budget to invest on equipment.
  • Little space in your home. Because some other gym equipment can sometimes take up a lot of space.
  • If you want a total body workout.
  • If you like the rowing motion like when you are on a boat.
  • Wanting to improve your cardio.
  • If you consider yourself to be overweight.

Meanwhile an Elliptical Cross Trainer:

This machine can help you if:

  • You are overweight
  • If you are recovering from a recent injury
  • Have joint issues or pains
  • If you don’t like riding bikes or jogging
  • You want to focus on your upper and lower body

So to sum it up, both rowing machine and an elliptical cross trainer will help you build your upper and lower body. A rower will eat up much less room in your home, and it can easily fold to store it in another room or closet. However, an elliptical cross trainer will eat up more space and even the fact it can fold like the rower it still takes up more space than the other equipment. Also it’s a matter of fact that a rower can burn more calories and fat than an elliptical cross trainer and if weight loss is your main priority then a rower is the better equipment than the elliptical cross trainer.

But if you’re planning to do other things like watching TV while working out, then the elliptical cross trainer is a much better choice because there is far less movement and actions involved while exercising with the cross trainer. So if you have decided which equipment to buy then start to look into reviews.

My best friend has plantar-fasciitis, how she found shoes to help

Summer Spell BestwalkingfeetAny kind of pain can be very impeding to our daily activities, it slows us down and affects our productivity. Don’t forget about the pains on the parts of our body that we use regularly like on our feet. There’s a disorder called Plantar Fasciitis. You will know what it is, it’s symptoms, what causes it and what you can do about it. In reference to what kind of shoes to get so you can walk properly and ease the pain on your foot.

Plantar Fasciitis is the inflammation of the sheath connecting the toes and the heel also known as the plantar fascia. It can cause mild to severe pain on the foot. Pain is caused normally by the excessive stretching of the plantar fascia as it starts to swell, this causes walking and standing uncomfortable for the patient. If left untreated, this can lead to the development of calcium deposits on the heel bone and end up having heel spurs.

The common causes of this disorder can be caused by a lot different activities and reasons:

  • Lack of arch support, or if the patient are wearing shoes that have soles that are too thin to protect it.
  • Foot stress caused by prolonged standing and/or walking
  • Unusual strenuous activity
  • Tightening of the calf muscles
  • Obesity or excess weight of the patient that causes additional stress on the foot where all the weight ends up
  • Excessive stretching of the plantar fascia due to too much exercise and intense activity of the feet

Symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis

  • The most common and most obvious symptom of plantar fasciitis is heel pain. It’s particularly most painful during the morning when you first try and stand on your own two feet, don’t forget that this can happen any time of day. Even later on.
  • On top that, you might also feel pain around the arch area of the feet after long periods of standing and walking or stretching.
  • Pain develops gradually and may or may not affect both feet. The most accurate description of the pain that you will feel if you have plantar fasciitis is like you are being stabbed in the heel. Pain if you have plantar fasciitis may stretch over the course of a whole day or will just eventually subside.

Recommended products that can help you with your case of Plantar Fascia

  • you can look into Rocker Shoes: like Dansco Clogs, Alegria, MBT, or the Sano by Mephisto
  • there are also shoes out there with exceptional support like Orthaheel/Dr. Andrew Weil, Mephisto, New Balance, Gravity Defyer, Aetrex and Finn Comfort
  • on worse cases, there are orthotics and other insoles from Aetrex Lynco, Pedag, Spenco, Feetures and Apex
  • you can check out the all new Plantar Fascitiis Sleeve by Feetures! Which can be worn either when sleeping or during the day
  • even while sleeping you can try and cure your problem by using Sleep Aids from Feetures!, Thermoskin and socks from Strassburg.

When my husband wanted to get a gun, I did some research…

gun with bullets on steelSo your thinking about a getting a gun. With all the unease that the media is causing and the current events that’s happening involving terrorism, it comes to no surprise that people are out there trying to get a gun. They’re doing this to protect themselves, their property and especially their loved ones. It’s not a really bad idea, not at all but you need to know what you are getting yourself into and it’s very important to make a well-informed choice.

Guns are one of the most misunderstood objects ever. If you ask a gun control advocate, they will say that guns are dangerous and causes nothing but trouble. However, if you talk to someone who owns a gun, they will say that everyone else should have one and should carry a gun all the time, every time! As a matter of fact, the truth is somewhere between this two opinions.

A gun is a simple tool. It’s neutral. When a robber uses this tool to force someone to give up their possessions, it’s evil. But when someone uses it to stop a thug from attacking a helpless woman, then it’s good. What happens with a gun, depends on who uses it and for what purpose. Just like any other weapon, if you are not knowledgeable, mistakes and accidents may happen – but in this case, a firearm can have deadly consequences.

There are a lot of different guns. When you visit a shop, you will see long guns – rifles and shotguns – and there are also handgun, from small to big ones. Question is, which one will work best for you?

The answer is simply, “it depends”. Depends on where you’re going to use it; depends on your physical stature and strength. Also the law varies from place to place so that will be considered as well. Proper storage for your gun is also a big reason to think twice before buying a gun. There are numerous gun safe products that will match the gun you will eventually purchase.

Also a question you need to think about is whether any gun is the right one for you. Ask yourself a million times, look deep down inside you and think about it. If an assailant comes after you, your friends, family or loved ones. Will you be able to pull the trigger? Multiple times if you have to? If you can answer “yes” then a gun will probably a good choice.

If the answer is “no”. then please, don’t buy a gun! Bad guys can sense doubt, hesitation and uncertainty if you flinch or even hesitate at crunch time then you’re just putting yourself in jeopardy and everyone else that you are supposed to protect. Even worse, the gun may be taken from you and be used for other bad things to prey on other innocent people. In short, don’t buy guy a gun if you cannot pull the trigger.

Don’t make the mistake of even thinking that because you now own a gun, you are not threat-proof, it’s only a part of a defense preparation setup. You should also consider other things to make sure you are a bit more safer than before.