10 Easy Sewing Projects You Should Try

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If you think sewing is only for the one’s taking a fashion designing course or for fashionistas, then please remove that though off your mind, because sewing is actually a skill necessary for everyone under the sun. Imagine you want to up-cycle something that you no longer wear or stitch yours on tops and shirts! Instead of paying for a tailor to do so, you can do them by yourself, How cool will that be! If you’re still interested, then stick around because we are going to provide ten easy sewing ideas or projects for beginners.

Crop top

It is easy to sew a crop top and will not consume much of your time if you already have the necessary skills. You have to take measurements from a well-fitting top and cut the same way in your new fabric. Stitch the pieces together accordingly, and your crop top is ready.

Crop top


You just need a piece of fabric to sew a clutch and is one of the most natural things to do. Make sure you have a firm price like a leather or denim material so that the cavity stays in place. Once you’re cone with the folds, then add a zipper to secure the cavity.


Nowadays, headbands are taking over the internet for both men and women. All you need is a long piece of cloth. Sew an elastic inside the fabric and sew it again in a circular form. If you require designs or patterns, then you can add them at the front end.


Cushion covers

Start with a well-built square or a rectangular cushion so that you get the dimensions right. Then you can take the measurement and sew a piece of cloth into a cushion cover. You can add a zipper to secure the edges.

Fringe purse

It is similar to the clutch mentioned above, but with added fringes and a sling handle. For this, you have to make sure that the front portion of the bag is lengthier to cut the fringes from the fabric.

Fringe purse

Tablet cover

Tablet or laptop covers are again a straightforward way to practice your sewing skills. Measure your laptop and cut the fabric accordingly. It is better if the fabric is leather or any similar material because we’re dealing with gadgets, and we have to ensure maximum safety. You can even add magnets on both ends so that the opening and closing becomes easier.

Tote bag

Advancing from the fringe purse and the clutch is the tote bag, that follows the same principle of the two. The only thing that is difficult to master is the shape of the tote bag that is hard to achieve for beginners.

Lace skirt

It can be a up-cycle for your old boring skirt, by adding a layer of lace, to make it a fancy dinner look.

Lace skirt

Swing dress

Swing dresses are generally loose dresses that are asymmetrically tailored. Hence, the geometry of the dress if off the plate.

Pillow covers

Same like the cushion covers, you can stitch your own pillow covers as well.

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